Ethical Adventurer
Ethical Adventurer
Ethical Adventurer 3
Ethical Adventurer
Ethical Adventurer
Ethical Adventurer 3

Ethical Adventurer

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Traveling is awesome, there's no doubt about it. And what's something that makes it EVEN. MORE. AWESOME?! Supporting the locals!! Did you know that lots of popular travel destinations were not made for large amounts of people to travel there? Many times, those places need help learning how to deal with trash or finding available jobs for the local people.

So we did what we do best and we made a St Christopher! It reads "Ethical Adventurer" on the back so that you can spread the message and we can proudly support the work of Planeterra Foundation. Read more about them here.

This engraved design is on the back of an "original" size St Christopher medallion (medium). It has rich, colorful detail on the front and is finished in a shiny silver plating rendered on our standard ball chain. You have the option to upgrade your style chain to fit your vibe. 

- Royal blue enamel colored front


- 3/4" diameter silver plated medallion

- 24" aluminum ball chain (cut to shorten)

- Traditional brilliant hard enamel coloring