In 1960’s beach culture, surfers and travelers wore a St. Christopher medallion as a symbol of protection between destinations. It was like the membership card to a club of people who based their lives around the ocean and where the waves would be next. Almost half a century later and we at Get Back have continued this tradition in all its original radness.

We are a tribe of like-minded individuals in pursuit of the things we love- that feeling when you stumble upon your new favorite spot or the stoke of watching someone’s eyes light up on their first wave. Living in the present and honoring the past is how we at Get Back carry on this tradition of bringing people together. In every necklace, you are sharing your experiences- both past and present- in the water as well as in the mountains.

We pride ourselves on maintaining the values set by our founder, Scott Gousha, creating a quality and original product that is for everyone.

Nick Gousha, VP

Get back to what matters. Enjoy the freedom of the present and keep sharing those rad memories with those around you.

Much Love,

The Get Back Team

Family owned & operated since 1998

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