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The Original Surfer Necklace / St. Christopher Surf Medals

The Original Surfer Necklace / St. Christopher Surf Medals

Some things never go out of style – the little black dress, Beyoncé, tacos, and the ever-awesome surfer necklace. For over 50 years, surfers and travelers have sported St. Christopher surf necklaces all over the world and created traditions that make these necklaces pretty darn special.

St. Christopher surfer necklaces have an epic history full of meaning and good vibes! With roots in California in the sixties, these iconic necklaces represent good luck, safe travels, and the feelgood beach life of the ocean-loving tribe who wear them.

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about St. Christopher necklaces, here’s a little background on their origins and the rad traditions that carry on to this day.


The Story of the Surfer Necklace

saint christopher surfer necklaces in various colors

St. Christopher necklaces in various colors and sizes


Saint Christopher is known as the protector of travel over land and sea, and throughout the years, all types of travelers have worn St. Christopher medals as a symbol of protection – from sailors to explorers to road-trippers. In the 1960s, surfers in California started wearing St. Christopher necklaces and it wasn’t long before every wave-loving guy and gal wore a St. Christopher surf medal both in and out of the water.

In the ‘60s and ‘70s, St. Christopher medals became a staple of classic surf style. The surfer uniform included a St. Christopher necklace, groovy Pendleton shirt, sun-bleached hair, longboard, adventurous spirit, and of course, an epic tan. In those days, surfers were considered rebels, as this was a group who prioritized chasing waves with friends over many other things in life. (Not a terrible approach, if you ask us ;)

 girls on beach wearing surfer necklaces

St. Christopher surf necklaces come in many different colors and styles but share a consistent design. The necklaces feature a circular medal with the words “Saint Christopher Protect Us” along the outer edge surrounding an image of St. Christopher watching over a surfer riding a wave.

 St. Christopher surfer necklace in black and white

St. Christopher Surf Medals / Medium - Silver/White & Silver/Black


Surfers wore St. Christophers for protection in the ocean, as a symbol of good luck, and gave the medals to their girlfriends and boyfriends as a sign of going steady. And with the connection to travel, St. Christopher medals were at the top of the packing list for all types of road trips and adventures.

These necklaces were the calling card for a crew of people who based their lives around the ocean, chasing waves, and good vibes. Almost half a century later and we’re stoked to continue the tradition at Get Back Necklaces.


Get Back St. Christopher Surf Medals 

girl in bikini wearing surfer necklaces

St Christopher Choker & Large St. Christopher Necklace


At Get Back Necklaces we’ve been making St. Christopher medals for over twenty years and along the way we’ve cultivated an awesome community of people who love St. Christopher medals as much as we do. A few of our tribe’s favorite things (besides St. Christophers!) are adventures, sunshine, surf, beach days with friends, and of course, St. Christopher traditions.

While the original meaning and traditions of St. Christopher surf necklaces are still going strong, our community has started all kinds of new traditions that are so rad and meaningful.

One of our favorite new traditions is giving St. Christopher medals as best friend necklaces.


“I passed on my necklace to my best best bestttt friend before she left on her study abroad semester last year and I told her the same thing I was told when I received it: Journey on, sista friend.” - Kayleigh P.

These kinds of stories are what St. Christophers are all about! #OBSESSED (In caps because we really, really are.)


girls on road trip wearing st christopher surf medals


Here are a few other new traditions with Get Back St. Christophers:

  • Wear ‘em for good luck
  • Wear for a lil’ extra protection surfing or in the water
  • Give to a loved one heading on a trip
  • Exchange with a fellow traveler
  • Pass down from generation to generation
  • Pass along to someone you meet and really connect with
  • Pass on to a stranger
  • Hang from your rear view mirror
  • Stash in nature for someone else to find!
  • Exchange with your best friends



As you can probably tell, St. Christopher necklaces are all about good vibes and sharing the stoke with others. Whether you live by the ocean or far from the coast, St. Christopher surf medals are sure to bring sunny beach vibes wherever you go!


What are your favorite St. Christopher traditions? Do you have a St. Christopher story to share? Let us know in the comments below!


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st christopher surf necklaces hanging on rear view mirror in vw bus



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