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9 Cutest Best Friend Necklaces Your BFF Will Love

9 Cutest Best Friend Necklaces Your BFF Will Love

Best friends are simply the best! It doesn’t matter if you’re on a road tripping adventure together or just chilling on a rainy day – life is always better with your besties at your side. She’s the peanut butter to your jelly, the Monica to your Rachel, the yin to your yang. And let’s face it... life is just so much more awesome when you have amazing best friends to share it with!

As far as we’re concerned, friendships are to be celebrated and one of our very favorite traditions is the tradition of exchanging best friend necklaces. With best friend necklaces, you can take a part of your friends with you wherever you go.

Because as much as we’d love to be with our BFFs all the time, sometimes things like travel, moving, and college can create some (literal) distance between us. Exchanging best friend necklaces are super special because they’re a constant reminder of your friendship and will keep your friends close to your heart. 

Whether you’re looking for friendship necklaces for you and a single bestie or friendship necklaces for 3 or more, we’ve rounded up our top picks for best friend necklaces that your friends will absolutely love!


The Best BFF Necklaces

bff necklaces

St. Christopher necklaces are the perfect friendship necklaces because they have a super meaningful history filled with symbolism and good vibes. If you and your friends love travel and/or the beach life, then these necklaces are especially perfect for you. 

St. Christopher is the patron saint of travelers and back in the day, seafarers wore St. Christopher medals for protection and safe passage at sea. In the 1960s surfers began to wear St. Christopher necklaces and they quickly became a part of essential surfer style.


two girls on the beach with best friend necklaces

 For over 50 years, surfers and explorers alike have worn St. Christopher medals as a symbol of safe travel, protection, and good luck. And one of the St. Christopher traditions is to get matching necklaces with your BFF!

 We’re definitely a bit biased in this department because we LOVE St. Christopher necklaces and what they stand for, but our tribe is just as obsessed as we are, so we figure we’re in good company :) 


Here are a few of our fav friendship stories about Get Back St. Christopher necklaces: 


"My best friend gave me my first St Christopher and I wear it everyday. I get tons of compliments but I don't wear it because of that- I wear it because it's my little reminder that the world is a huge place and the obstacles that pop up day-to-day are so small! It keeps me positive." - Bella S.

"My friend Meghan and I made a pact three years ago when we exchanged our necklaces that we'll always take life on with our St Chris's around our necks and our film cameras in our backpacks. Anything is an adventure with the right mindset.” - Karina R.

bff necklaces

“I passed on my necklace to my best best bestttt friend before she left on her study abroad semester last year and I told her the same thing I was told when I received it: Journey on, sista friend.” - Kayleigh P.

"We get each other a new St Christopher at the end of August every year to represent the fact that summer never ends. It's our thing." - Tessa D.

“There’s something about them. Mine makes me feel so connected to the ocean, like I’m taking the feeling of wading into the water with me wherever I go. When I got my first one years ago (shoutout to my best friend Danielle!!) it felt like an extra special gift- I was given a little drawstring pouch of surf culture.” - Carly S.


9 Cutest Best Friend Necklaces

best friend necklace St. Christopher necklace

Medium Silver & Teal - $16


St. Christopher necklaces come in tons of sizes and colors so you have lots of styles to choose from, but here are a few fun approaches to finding the perfect BFF necklaces for your bestie or your whole squad!



two friends wearing best friend necklaces

If you do everything together, often find yourselves wearing the same clothes, and finish each other’s sentences, then getting matching St. Christopher necklaces might be just the thing. It is an official St. Christopher tradition after all. Here are a couple of our most popular styles to get you started:


friendship necklace with silver and white st christopher charm

Medium Silver & White - $16


Blue St Christopher Necklace

Small Silver & Baby Blue - $14


Same Same, But Different

two girls with skateboards wearing best friends necklaces

If you love the same style but like to mix it up differently than your friends with your own personal spin, opt for necklaces that are similar but have slight differences. You could go for cute chokers with different color combinations, or the same size St. Christopher necklaces with distinct colorways.

friendship necklaces for two aqua choker with aqua charm

Be Pacific Choker - $24


friendship necklaces for 2 white choker with aqua charm

Wave Washed Aqua Choker - $28



Favorite Colors

girls wearing best friends necklaces

Know your friend’s fav colors? (If not, time to find out! :) ) You can’t go wrong with getting St. Christophers in your favorite colors.

friendship necklace with pink st christopher charm

Medium Melon & Blush - $16


friendship necklace with yellow st christopher charm

Medium Sandy Blonde - $16




To Go With Everything

girl wearing St. Christopher necklace at beach

Some say that all the St. Christopher necklace colors go with everything, but if you want to wear your necklaces every day and make sure the colors don’t clash with any outfits, here are a couple of top neutral picks! Extra perk & fun fact: the necklaces are super hardy so you can wear them on all of your adventures and even at the beach!

friendship necklace with white st christopher charm

Small White on White - $14


friendship necklace with silver and black st christopher charm

Medium Silver & Black - $16


Squad Strategy

girl wearing best friend necklace on beach

If you want to exchange best friend necklaces with 3 or more friends, you could each select a different color St. Christopher medal to represent each friend and then wear all medals on a single chain. For example, if you have a squad of 4, each person gets 4 medals (one for their own necklace, and 3 to give to their friends). Once everyone has exchanged medals, you can place 4 medals on one necklace chain to represent each friend!


We hope you find the perfect best friend necklaces for your bestie or your squad!

P.S. If you’re thinking about best friend bracelets, check out St. Christopher bracelets.


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