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A Look At Our Vintage St. Christopher Collection

A Look At Our Vintage St. Christopher Collection

Ever wonder if that St. Chris you've been wearing might be worth something? 

Or maybe you've built up a solid collection of St. Christopher's and want to know a little more about what you've got?

Orrrr maybe you're looking to start a collection of your own?  

We got you.

We've been designing, manufacturing, and collecting our own Sterling Silver St. Christopher surf medallions since '98. That's 24 years (and counting)! Collecting St. Christophers and preserving a little bit of GB history is something that we're super passionate about, so we wanted to sit down and show you a few of our favorite rare pieces from our collection AND let you know what to look out for it you're starting your own. 


St Christopher Jewelry


First, a few of our faves :) 


Double-Sided Medallions: 

Vintage St. ChristopherVintage St. Christopher
We played around with the idea of a double-sided St.Christopher back in the late 90's/early 2000's, but decided not to release them (maybe we should now?!). Since these were never made available for purchase, any pieces that we have in our collection are first edition samples. Think of these like a first edition book...or first edition pokémon card..SUPER rare + a cool little piece of GB history. 

"Get Back Original" & "Get Back 2000" Medallions: Vintage St. Christopher

 The year 2000 was a BIG.DEAL. We were moving into a new millennium and our founder, Scott Gousha, wanted to memorialize the Y2K era in our own, unique, Get Back way: a limited edition St. Christopher. These medallions were produced in small runs of 25-100 units per batch and were only offered in sterling silver. This wasn't a super popular collection due to the higher price point for sterling silver, but it's still so cool to look back on these and use them as inspiration for products moving forward.


Okay, sooo... you wanna start your own collection. Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started: 

  • Anything with a St. Christopher on it is a great place to start! And we've got plenty to choose from. Yes, most of these are about $16 now, but some pieces that cost almost nothing in the 60's and 70's are worth hundreds of dollars today. 
  • Look for *rare* features: keep your eye out for limited color drops, special collaborations, or unique designs (like our 2022 glow in the dark St Christophers).

Here's a look at past, present, and future rare finds😎: 

     Stoke Chasers (2021): 

    Glow In The Dark St. Christophers (2022): 
    Women On Waves (2023): coming soon! 
    women on waveswomen on waves

     Pro Tip: Sign up for Get Back emails and texts to be the first to know about limited edition drops


    • Treat your St Christophers right! When you're not wearing your jewelry, be sure to polish and store in a drawstring pouch. This will keep each medallion in mint condition for years to come👌🏽 Check out our jewelry care guide for more tips! 


    Some pieces from our current collection could go for as low as $50 and some as high as $500 if they were listed for sale. Sooo look at it this way...every time you snag a new Get Back piece, you're making a legit investment :) 

    Have a vintage piece and wanna know a little more about it? Curious on what it could be worth? email us! We'd love to help you out and maybe even make you an offer 😎


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