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International Women's Day at Get Back

International Women's Day at Get Back

Happy International Women’s Day ladies and gents! We’re here to feature the rad women at Get Back who are 4 of the 5 driving forces behind the brand! (The 5th is Nick- he's definitely outnumbered 😂) We sat down and asked each other some questions- some that even we were surprised to find out about! Hopefully you can get to know a little bit about us here and hint: for more behind the scenes follow us @getbacknecklaces on Instagram and cruise to the BTS story highlight! We come out from behind the lens every once in awhile :)



Rachel: (Marketing Prodigy/Queen of the Brand Reps)

Get Back Necklaces

1. Hometown: 

Poway, CA aka the countryside of San Diego.


2. Female icon/role model?

Gwen Stefani, no doubt. (Pun intended)


3. What’s your favorite indoor or outdoor activity?

Cliche, but long runs on the beach during sunset, thats been my go to these last few years and nothing beats it.


4. What is something you are passionate about?

Sustainable fashion! My favorite cheesy saying (that no one says) is “out with the new, and in with the old.” It is very important to me to get all of my clothing second hand as well as things like housewares and accessories. Textile waste is very real and very dangerous to our earth, so it's a great feeling to have repurposed items not only in your closet but also around your home. The simple thrill of hunting through a second hand shop really drives my passion, plus they were killin’ it with the home decor in the 70s and most of it is hanging around in thrift stores these days.


5. One food you absolutely can't resist:

Not just any croissants, but farmers market croissants.


6. Describe your personality in 3 words:

Passionate, excited, and confident.


7. Top favorite GB product

The St. Christopher rings! Especially the silver and teal one.



Griselda: (Orders Fairy/Brand Mamacita)

Get Back Necklaces

1. Hometown:

Queretaro, Mexico


2. If you had an hour of free time, what would you do with it?

Haha...if I'm being honest, you can most likely find me watching romantic movies!


3. Where’s your favorite place in the world?



4. Female icon/role model?

OMG Jennifer Lopez for sure 😍 Talk about iconic.


4. What is something that might surprise us about you?

I have 3 crazy kids that I love


5. Describe your personality in 3 words:

Happy, cool, LOCA :)


6. Top favorite GB product:

Silver set wave rings



Roxy: (Marketing Guru/Everything Chick)

Get Back Necklaces

1. Hometown: 

I grew up in both Scottsdale, AZ and Ocean City, NJ


2. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be? 

I'd love to learn to speak as many languages as the human brain allows. How many is that?! I might tap out at like 5 or 6...


3. Female icon/role model?

Three of my top favorite qualities are positivity, sense of humor, and for me, Ellen Degeneres is someone who walks the walk.


4. What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now?

Oh gosh, that's a tough one! I think my all-time favorite project right now is finding the perfect fits for our future crew of Get Back sponsored athletes. I've been getting to talk and meet with awesome female surfers, find out what they're looking for and how it matches up with what we're looking for. But I'm also loving growing our own team, too! We just found Rachel and she's awesome. There's so much growing and creativity in my job :)


5. Next place you want to visit:

I'm going to India in December and I'm really excited about that. After India, I think Mexico City is calling my name. Vibrant colors, happy music, and piping-hot tortillas 😍


6. Top favorite GB product:

I've had a medium silver/white St Christopher for years around my rearview mirror. I love when it catches my eye because it's been with me alllll over. It's a reminder of the good times- may they keep comin'.



Brenda: (Customer Service Magic-Maker/In-House Wellness Goddess)

Get Back Necklaces

1. Hometown:

Escondido, CA. I can see the hospital where I was born from my front porch!


2. Female icon/role model?

Linda Benson because she is strong, disciplined and kind. She’s overcome big difficulties with grace. I'm proud to know her. Oh and Kate Sessions...the mother of Balboa Park gardens!


3. What are you currently watching on Netflix?

My friends and I watched "Roma" projected on the kitchen wall in Saladita, Mexico a couple days ago- exquisite movie. I've also been watching The Romanoffs.


4. Where is the best place you’ve traveled to?

Hmm thats a tough one. I'd have to say Ireland, the inland passage of Canada, Charleston, and Saladita. Oh- and Taos is magical.


5. What do you like best about working at Get Back?

My team 😘


6. Favorite GB product?

Oh that changed just recently! We launched the Sterling Set Wave Rings so I now wear to one to represent Nick next to the gold band I wear for my daughter Hailey :)



Wilson: (He just really wanted to be included)

Get Back Necklaces



And here's Roxy and Rachel's series of awkward office photos:

Get Back Necklaces

Get Back Necklaces

Get Back Necklaces

Get Back Necklaces

Get Back Necklaces


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