OBX Approved Gold Jewelry

OBX Approved Gold Jewelry

We all binged it, we all loved it. The second season of Outer Banks dropped on Netflix and it's full of summer fashion inspo like John B's bandana, vintage Hawaiian shirts, Kie's layered chokers, and that got us thinking...

The Pogues are missing a CRUCIAL piece of jewelry to keep them safe while they're outrunning Ward Cameron and hunting down gold from the Royal Merchant shipwreck.

 The only gold this crew should be searching for is a gold Saint Christopher necklace.  


So, Sarah & Kie, if you're seeing this...we've got you covered for season 3.  


For real tho. Over the last the last few years, we've seen your comments and DM's asking for a gold St Christopher option and this year, we made it happen. 


We dropped our first EVER gold necklace



The Gold Coin St Christopher Necklace -- perfect by itself, or layered up with your favorite choker in total OBX surfer girl style.


Also, like... just imagine that stack on Kiara...



Oooops, you caught us daydreaming 💭 *ANYWAYS*

Then, we thought...why stop with one gold necklace?


Enter: the Gold Medallion St Christopher Ring + Gold Medallion St Christopher Necklace


Gold so good, John B is searching for it.


Want to add some gold to your Get Back collection? Head to the site to see what's new✨

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