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Surf Girl Style Guide / How to Nail the Surf Look

Surf Girl Style Guide / How to Nail the Surf Look

Surf girl style can be summarized in four words: salty hair, don’t care. I’ll elaborate. Just like the French have the reputation of being effortlessly stylish, the surfer girl is effortlessly beach-infused casual cool. It’s like her woke up like this is the sunkissed epitome of an ocean goddess.

Good news alert: you don’t have to be a surfer to get in on the surf look. While some natural effects of the surf life definitely add to surf girl style (like that amazing tan and literally salty wavy hair after a surf), there are definitely key elements to the surf girl look.

Consider this your surfer girl style cheat sheet. So whether you shred the gnar on the daily or you live 1,000 miles from the nearest coastline, you can bring that surf girl vibe wherever you are.

Surf Girl Style - The Fundamentals 

surfer girl style


While there are multiple variations of surf girl style – shades of sporty, bohemian, feminine, skater, etc – we’ll cover some of the top staples of surfer girl clothes and the surf look. The overall vibe though? Think casual cool. Confident. Bold. Inherently badass. And always beach-infused. Here are 7 staples of surf girl style:

1. Flowy Fabrics

surfer girl style

What goes with ocean breezes and warm summer nights? All the flowy things. Beach dresses, skirts, and blouses made with lightweight fabrics like cotton and linen are a go-to for surfer girls. It’s easy to throw breezy dresses over a bathing suit, and they’re perfect for hot weather.

2. Beach & Surf-Inspired Jewelry

st christopher surf necklaces surfer girl style

Get Back’s St. Christopher surf necklaces come in lots of cute color combos


Surfer girls love beach and surf-inspired jewelry and it’s easy to add these pieces to any outfit. You can wear beach jewelry solo or a popular style is to layer multiple necklaces at different lengths and stack bracelets or anklets. Here are few Get Back favorites that our surfer girls especially love:

St Christopher Surf Necklaces

surf girl with surfboard


St. Christopher surf necklaces have been worn by surfers since the ‘60s and have become an icon of classic surfer style. These special necklaces are worn by surfers and explorers as a symbol of good luck, safe travel, and goin’ steady. Get Back St. Christopher necklaces come in tons of different color combos and styles.



surf girl wearing st christopher surf necklace

Stacked Beach Bracelets

stacked beach bracelets surf girl style

These St. Christopher bracelets come in lots of cute colors and are perfect for stacking and trading with your crew.


Wave Ring

silver wave ring - surf girl style

Rock this silver wave ring to bring those endless summer vibes to the everyday.


3. All the Prints

surfer girl style

Prints are a big staple of surf girl style. Tropical prints, floral prints, Hawaiian prints, animal prints, you name it! There are no set rules with prints – surf girls mix and match them and rock them on everything from bikinis to beach dresses and beyond.

4. Denim Shorts

skater girls on skateboards - surfer girl style

Well-worn denim shorts are a go-to on the daily for surfer (and skater) girls. Pair with a bikini top, crop top, or tie-dyed shirt, then throw on some Vans, surfer jewelry, and consider yourself surfy.

5. Bold Shades

girl with surfboard - surf girl style

Surfer girls ain’t afraid of a bold shade. Retro-inspired styles are especially in right now, as are huge frames – try a dramatic cat eye, tortoise shell frames, or those Elton-John-esque round lenses.

6. Stylish Bathing Suits (and lots of them) 

surfer girl holding surfboard - surf girl style

Call us Captain Obvious on this one, but it’s a biggie – surfer girls often live in swimwear, so they tend to have a good collection of stylin’ water-frolicking gear. Whether it’s a printed bikini,  long-sleeved surf suit, or spring suit, pair with a St. Christopher surf necklace and you’re good to go!

7. Good Vibes

surfing look - girl wearing surfer jewelry

Good vibes for days feat. big smiles and Large St. Christopher Necklace


As far as we’re concerned, good vibes never go out of style, and surf girls tend to have an especially sunny outlook on life. Maybe it has something to do with all that sunshine and riding waves in the ocean… they don’t call it Vitamin Sea for nothing! Spreading the stoke and good vibes are key to embodying true surf girl style.



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surf girls on the beach - cute surf look


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