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7 Perfect Necklaces for Girlfriends

7 Perfect Necklaces for Girlfriends

Giving gifts can be a wonderful feeling, but when it’s for your girlfriend it can also be a bit stress-inducing. Will she love it? Not love it? What if she makes a good attempt to act like she likes it, but she’s not really enthused? 😬 Oh, the horror!

Well get ready to un-stress yourself because we’ve put together a list of awesome necklaces for girlfriends that are sure to be a hit. Here’s our criteria for what makes these necklaces winners:


  1. Stylish and versatile. She can wear these necklaces on the daily and they go with everything.
  2. Meaningful, without being cheesy. Get extra points for being thoughtful without the cheese factor.
  3. Unique. These necklaces are special in ways that make them more interesting and cool than typical girlfriend jewelry gifts (hearts and infinity symbols, we’re looking at you).
  4. Affordable. You don’t need to spend a fortune as long as there is sentiment and thought behind your gift. These necklaces are full of meaning so they're sure to make her heart smile without breaking your bank account.


Whether you’ve been together for a few weeks or a few years, here are 7 necklaces your girlfriend will absolutely love!

Necklaces for Girlfriends

The St. Christopher Surf Necklace

necklace for teenage girlfriend

“Girlfriend loves it 😀 My girlfriend is always wearing Get Back Necklaces, so I thought this would be a good birthday gift for her. I don't think she's taken it off since. Great product!” - Conner L.

St. Christopher surf necklaces are wonderful gifts for loved ones, and especially girlfriends because of the unique history of these necklaces. If you’re not familiar, St. Christopher necklaces became popular throughout the ‘60s and ‘70s, and have long standing traditions that continue to this day.

Saint Christopher is known as the protector of travel over land and sea, and in the 1960s surfers started wearing St. Christopher medals for protection in the ocean, as a symbol for good luck, and they also gave the necklaces to their Betties (girlfriends) as a sign of goin’ steady.

Because of the travel connection, St. Christophers were also adopted by travelers who wore them for safe travels on all types of road trips and adventures.

necklace for girlfriend

These necklaces make perfect gifts because of the meaning behind them. Of course, it’s a tradition to give St. Christophers to girlfriends, but beyond that, giving a St. Christopher necklace to your GF is symbolically giving them protection and good luck, and a reminder of how you care about them. Cue dramatic romantic movie music.

But really, this necklace checks all the boxes and your GF will love it. Especially if she loves traveling, and/or the beach! The necklaces come in three sizes and lots of different color combinations so there are tons of styles to choose from (prices range from $14 - $18).

Get her a necklace with her favorite color, or check out some bestsellers below!


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Small Silver & Teal St. Christopher Necklace - $14

necklace for girlfriend / teal st christopher necklace


EZ Does It Choker - $24

white choker / necklaces for girlfriend


Aqua & White St. Christopher Necklace - $16

necklace for girlfriend / aqua st christopher necklace


Silver & Petal St. Christopher Necklace - $16

necklace for girlfriend / pink st christopher necklace


Black Cord Choker with White Charm - $24

necklace for teenage girlfriend / black choker


Melon & Blush St. Christopher Necklace - $16

necklace for teenage girlfriend / pink st christopher necklace


Gold Coin St. Christopher Necklace - $28

Gold St. Christopher Necklace



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GIFT TIP: Want to up your gifting game? The more thought you put into your gift giving, the better, so think about a fun/creative/thoughtful way to give the necklace to your girlfriend. You could reveal the gift at a special place when she’s not expecting it, or surprise her by leaving a wrapped box somewhere she’ll stumble upon it, like in a clothing drawer or by her toothbrush. And the ultimate thoughtful and fun gift strategy is a personalized scavenger hunt! Happy gifting!




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