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5 Perfect Necklaces For Teen Girls

teen girls wearing necklaces

There’s a lot of joy in giving gifts, but it can also be a challenging feat to find juuust the right thing. Then throw in the teen factor and if you aren’t between the ages of 13 and 20 yourself, then you’re facing an unknown world of mystery.

But never fear, answers are here! We’re going to break down what makes a necklace that teen girls will love and give you our top picks for girls necklaces that will be a hit.


The formula for perfect necklaces for teen girls:


  1. Stylish and cool. (You won’t have to guess, we’ve got you!)
  2. Meaningful, but not overly cheesy. Meaningful is great. But if it’s excessive, then she might politely thank you, and then the necklace will live out its days in the depths of a jewelry box.
  3. Durable. Whether she’s super active or not, the more durable the necklace, the better it will hold up and she can wear it more often. Summers at the beach, pools, hiking, running, etc. If she really loves the necklace, she won’t want to take it off! And if it’s durable, she won’t have to. (Homerun, you!)
  4. Affordable. If adventures are in her cards then you might want to opt for something that isn’t too pricey. That, and her tastes could change fairly rapidly, so something she loves today could be old news tomorrow. Best go for a reasonably-priced necklace that you won’t worry about being lost or disappointed about if she does a style overhaul.


To help you find the perfect necklace, here are our top recommendations for necklaces for teen girls that they will absolutely love!

St. Christopher Surf Necklaces

teen girl wearing necklace at beach

St. Christopher Necklaces make wonderful gifts for loved ones, and teen girls especially love these necklaces. If you’re not familiar with St. Christopher surf necklaces, they became popular in the ‘60s, and have had a surge in popularity in modern times.

Saint Christopher is known as the protector of travel over land and sea, and in the 1960s surfers started wearing St. Christopher medals for protection in the ocean. Ever since, St. Christopher Surf Necklaces have been worn by surfers and travelers as a symbol of protection, good luck, safe travel, and even goin’ steady.

These necklaces make wonderful gifts because of the meaning and traditions behind them. Giving a St. Christopher necklace to a loved one is symbolically giving them protection and good luck, and a reminder of how you care about them.

St. Christopher surf necklaces check all the boxes: stylish and cool, meaningful, durable, and affordable. And for confirmation that teen girls love these necklaces, just browse a few reviews! They go like this:


“I absolutely love this necklace. I wear it every single day and it goes with everything I wear. Love it so much.” - Avery S.

“Looks so cute with everything and fits perfect!!!!! The perfect size and amazing quality, I love this charm so much!!!!!” - Gracelyn J.

“Beautiful piece, and my daughter has not taken it off since I gave it to her. It is an absolutely perfect gift!” - Jennifer W.

“Great for teenager girls! Our niece loved it.. wears it all the time!” - Catherine

“Amazing quality! My daughter loves it and wears it daily. She gets tons of compliments on it!!” - Wendy J.

colorful necklaces for teen girls

The necklaces come in three sizes and lots of different color combinations so there are tons of options to choose from. $14 - $24


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Most Popular Necklaces

teen girl wearing necklaces

While you’re bound to hit a home run with any of our St. Christopher necklaces, below are a few of the most popular designs. And if you’re unsure of which to choose, think about her favorite colors and go from there!

St. Christopher Necklace in Blue & Silver

blue necklace for teen girls


This St. Christopher Necklace in Blue & Silver is a bestseller featuring a blue and silver medium-size St. Christopher medal on a 24” ball chain necklace. $16



Brown Choker with Aqua Charm

necklace for teen girls brown choker with aqua charm

This ‘90s inspired Brown Choker features a dainty aqua and white St. Christopher surf charm on a brown cord. Thanks to a lobster-clasp closure and extender chain, the choker is adjustable and super comfortable. $24



St. Christopher Necklace in White & Silver

This St. Christopher Necklace in White & Silver goes with everything. Shown here in our daintiest size necklace and medal featuring a half-inch white and silver St. Christopher Medal on a 18” ball chain necklace. $14



Be Pacific Choker

The Be Pacific Choker is a seed bead choker featuring our St. Christopher necklace charm, complete with a lobster clasp closure + extender chain. $24



St. Christopher Mystery Bundles

Skip having to choose the perfect color and go for a Mystery Bundle. Give the gift of surprise St Christopher Necklaces, available in small and medium 3-pack bundles. 


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