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Local's Guide to San Diego (from your brand BFFs)

Local's Guide to San Diego (from your brand BFFs)
Exploring San Diego

We want everyone to love our home as much as we do, so we’re here to tell you the best local spots this gem of a town has to offer. (Local Shmocal, though!) San Diego is pretty dang big, which means there are a TON of rad things to do. But how do you pick? Well, we got some of our team’s favorite local spots and we think you’re gonna love them because…maybe we're biased, but San Diego is the best city ever.

San Diego Mexican Food Favorites
We could go on forever about the food in San Diego but we’ll keep it short and cut to the classics. Tucked away behind a gas station in Cardiff is El Pueblo which is hard (no, impossible) to beat. Open 24/7 AND 99 cent fish tacos, doesn’t get much better than that. One of our favorites on the menu is the carne asada fries, but really you can’t go wrong. And the best part is coasting down to the beach afterwards and feasting.
Cardiff beach donuts

Right on the water in Cardiff, VGs Donuts, (stands for Very Good– and its name is fitting) has been a staple for years. Quite literally everything on their menu is VERY good- but the blueberry glazed buttermilk donuts are a must have. Eat them there or bring them a few blocks to Cardiff beach and you will not be sorry. You can even stop by the Cardiff Kook on your way down to the beach. We’ll leave the mystery of that guy up to you.

Encinitas surf coffee shop

Up the 101 from Cardiff is Encinitas, which is one of our favorite towns. And what's better than getting some coffee and strollin’ down to the beach?! First, we love to stop at Ironsmith Coffee in downtown Encinitas. Some of the best coffee in town and the cutest little place to sip or to walk down to the water. Once we’ve gotten caffeinated, we can’t miss Hansens Surf Shop which is a few blocks down from Ironsmith. Hansens is one of our go to surf shops and they are stocked with all your favorite Get Back goodies



D Street Beach Encinitas


Down the street from Ironside and Hansens is one of the sickest beaches to explore. Whether you surf, boogie board, read on the beach, all of those or none of those but want to be at a beautiful beach this is your place. A block from downtown Encinitas are the stairs to the iconic D street beach. Bring some coffee, a burrito, perhaps some boards and vibe all day. 



Gliderport sunset


           (Images by Jennifer Russell + Brent Valenzuela)

We can't think of a better way to end the day than watching the sunset at Gliderport. For all the stoke chasers out there you can go paragliding with the ocean right below you and for those who would rather watch, this is your place. The views are as amazing as the paragliders you get to watch and at sunset, WOW. That's all we need to say. 


Honestly, however you chose to spend your time in San Diego you really can’t go wrong. From Oceanside (the soon-to-be new home of GB - *SPOILER ALERT*) all the way down the coast, your options are endless but these (in our humble opinion) are the musts. San Diego is a special place, so if you have the opportunity to explore you’re in luck! And if you're traveling to San Diego, don’t forget to bring a St. Christopher to keep you safe on your travels. Happy exploring :)


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