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Decorate Your Room with Get Back

Decorate Your Room with Get Back

Hey All!

GB intern, Maclaine here- I just said so long to my California summer (😭) and moved back to school! In order to keep the West Coast vibes strong (and to keep me inspired from afar), I decided to decorate my room with all things Get Back- and I thought I’d show you how: 

Memory Maker

With GB’s old memory maker camera, you can capture all your memories with your people. Once I used all 27 exposures, I got the pictures developed and hung them on an LED photo clip string light.


There are so many ways to decorate with your Saint Christophers. I used our summer ‘19 collection to pin every place we’ve been on the globe. Safe travels- always!

I also decided to wrap a medallion around a potted succulent and I’m loving my little plant friend’s new bling! 


Dog Charms

Our new dog charms can be used in many ways, and since I don’t have my pup with me at school- I decided to hang mine from my backpack!


We have a new pennant flag! We chose to make this one aqua because it reminds us of our favorite place, the beach. I think of our team beach days when I see mine pinned on my bedroom wall :)


I used our latest patch on my favorite backpack! It reminds me of roadtrips and adventures while preserving the St. Christopher meaning.

Do you guys have St. Christophers in your room? Shoot us a dm on ig and show us!

PS- ever wondered what it’s like to work for GB? Read my article about my summer experience here!

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