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The Cutest Beach Jewelry for Endless Summer Vibes

girls wearing beach jewelry

Bikini, check. Beach towel, check. Friends, check. Good vibes, yep! Prepping for the beach is pretty much a laundry list of wonderful things in the world. So what kind of jewelry do you wear to the beach?

The fashion world is divided on beach jewelry – some say that less is more and to only wear dainty pieces, and others are all about big statement pieces. Well, we say, wear whatever you love to wear!

That said, there are a couple of things you might want to keep in mind with wearing jewelry to the beach. It’s best that your beach jewelry is somewhat durable, doesn’t fall off too easily (this will also depend on your level of frolicking), and you might want to leave your most expensive and precious pieces at home.

Colorful St. Christopher surf medals beach jewelry

Colorful St. Christopher surf medals


With those factors in mind, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite beach jewelry for your beach-wearing pleasure. These pieces have it all – they’re stylish, beachy, durable, affordable, and comfortable enough for long days of fun in the sun!

Whether you’re heading to the coast or just want to rock a beach-inspired look, here are seven of our favorite pieces of beach jewelry to bring the endless summer vibes wherever you go!

Beach Jewelry

The Original Saint Christopher Surf Medal

girl on beach wearing Saint Christopher Surf Necklace

Since the 60s, surfers and travelers have worn St. Christopher medals as a symbol of good luck, safe travel, and even goin’ steady. If there was such a thing as an official beach necklace, this would be it. These surf-infused necklaces are not only full of meaning, but they’re super cute, durable, and the perfect necklaces for days at the coast.

St. Christopher necklaces come in tons of color combinations and sizes, so you can wear them with any outfit (or bathing suit), and they look great together so you can mix and match different styles! (Pictured above: Small Aqua/Baby Blue and Large Silver/White)



Wave Ring

sterling silver wave ring

Get all the Endless Summer vibes with this surfy sterling silver Wave Ring. Dainty, durable, and beach-ready – this ring looks great on its own or you can stack it with other dainty surf rings. $14


Black Cord Choker

choker necklace beach jewelry

Give a subtle nod to surf culture with this 90s-inspired Black Cord Choker featuring a small white St. Christopher Surf Charm. Super cute and comfortable, it’s the perfect addition to all your sunny beach days and warm summer nights! $24


Jade N’ White Bracelet

beach girl bracelets

This adorable beachy bracelet features a strand of emerald-hued seed beads with a dainty white St. Christopher surf charm. Lightweight, adjustable, and super comfy, the Jade N’ White Bracelet is perfect for long days at the beach days or to go with any casual look. Wear it solo or stack ‘em with a collection of other St. Christopher bracelets! $18



Sterling Silver St. Christopher Necklace

beach jewelry sterling silver saint christopher surf necklace

These Sterling Silver St. Christopher Necklaces feature the same classic St. Christopher necklace style in our highest quality material. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, these necklaces feature the iconic St. Christopher surf medal made with durable silver-plated .925 sterling silver, a sterling silver ball chain, and packaged in a Signature retro tin. Pictured above in Medium Sterling - Aqua & White. $45 - $65




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girl in bikini wearing necklace


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